[DKP Gifts] K Pop Wallpapers for download and Happy New Year!

Congratulations to Kim Craze for winning the first place in the banner designing competition!

CHIOnews came in 2nd while Jheane Cruz came in third followed by Janine Alcantara!

Kim Craze,CHIOnew and Jheane Cruz are now our blog's official designers according the results of the voting poll.Many thanks to Janinie Alcantara for participating in the contest and we really appreciate your hard work!

As announced,we have set up an official wallpapers thread for our official designers to post up their artworks to share with our blog's readers from time to time.

Of course you have the right to make a request for the wallpapers of your favourite artists,but first of all,you must be an active reader here,meaning to say that you leave comments on our blog's posts frequently.Anonymous' requests won't be fulfilled!

Below are the wallpapers designed by our blog's designers,please say thank you if you are taking out,right click and enlarge the wallpapers,then click save as to download the wallpapers!

You can request for your favourite artists for wallpapers too if you are an active commenters on our blog,please say thank you if you are taking the wallpapers out!

Right click to enlarge the wallpapers and save it for the best resolution!
Kim Craze promised a few regular readers for making them a few avatars and a wallpaper,the wallpaper and avatars are as below!

Jheane Cruz
Jheane Cruz

Jheane Cruz


Kim Craze

If you think that you are good in designing,you can share you artworks with us too,just send your artworks to kpoplove@live.co.uk!

Please say thank you if you are taking out the wallpapers!

Fill in this form to request!

Designer:Kim Craze,Jheane or ChiOnew?
Image URL (If Available):

Designers might take a few days to fulfill your requests!