[TRANS]G-Dragon (& Big Bang) Receive Praise from Japanese Celebritie

Morning Takahashi:

"..and second would be G-Dragon. This person is from K-Pop and he's 2 years younger than me.
He's a member of Big Bang, and writes all his songs.
It makes me think how cool people who write their own songs are. Chunku san too of course.
They've been promoting in Japan recently, and they've received lots of awards for the songs they've written.
G-Dragon's younger than me but I really respect and look up to him, even though it hasn't been very long since I first saw him."

[she was talking bout the top 3 artists shes into atm- third was lady gaga, second our gd and first britney spears]

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Kanjani Radio: (I know Yoko and Hina are from a Japanese girlgroup)

Yoko: Did you watch Best Hits today?
Fan: Yeah, I did.
Yoko: How was it?
Fan: Everyone was so cool.
Yoko: Was Big Bang cool too?
Fan: Oh, yes. keke
Yoko: They were great...really great.
Hina: Stop joking around so early in the morning!
Yoko: It's not a joke, they were seriously really cool. Big Bang is awesome! They're such good dancers!!
Hina: I was so surprised!
Yoko: I thought they were amazing!
Hina: I know, right? I watched them really closely. They're so cool!

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Morning Reina:

"..I know I've been talking about the artists I've recently come to like since last week, but ah~ I think I haven't mentioned this person before?
G-Dragon is a first! G-Dragon is a member of Big Bang. Their genre is rap? Is it?? It was written down as rap, so I'm just gonna call it rap. He's great on their music videos and I think he's really good at expressing himself.
Boys and girls will see him differently, but when I look at him I come up with so many things that I want to do.
G-Dragon is really great! Big Bang's music videos are dangerous~ seriously.
I've only seen a few, but Big Bang's MVs all have a storyline.
I cry every time I see them, that's how dangerous their music videos are.
They're all such heartwarming works of art. I think they're incredible.
I will keep rooting for G-Dragon and Big Bang!
I really wanted to share that with you guys.
And of course I will give G-Dragon and Big Bang a star today, too.
Big Bang's Baby Baby: (I think they give singers stars whenever they play one of their songs or something)

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Translation Credits: sjay.x @ bigbangvip.net

Note : It has been trasnlated from japanese to korean , then korean to english , so it might not be completely accurate !