[Pictures] Park ShinHye’s boyish image is proven to have gained success!

Actress Park ShinHye successfully gained success for her Girl Boy character in “You’re Beautiful” drama!
The actress plays the twin sibling Go Minam (Man) and Go Minyu (Woman) in ‘You’re Beautiful” drama. Her natural acting for the 2 characters in the drama has been popular among the drama lover as people is putting their eyes on the drama since the very amusing scene in which Park ShinHye transformed from a nun’s dress into a man’s outfit in the drama’s 1st episode!

Not only Park ShinHye, other casts : Jang GeunSuk, Lee HongKi and Jung YoungHwa are also another aspect of the fame. And the popularity of “You’re Beautiful” drama is also proven as people is requesting the drama’s Season 2 production.

Girl Boy character is actually not a new hype in the k-drama industry as in 2007, Yoon EunHye did the same for MBC “Coffee Prince” as well as actress Moon GeunYoung for 2008 SBS drama “The painter of the Wind” . The previous 2 dramas were also known to gained success.
Meanwhile, tv viewers are now in much anticipation for “You’re Handsome” last episode which will be aired on November 26 via its 16th episode!
Here’s a photo spread for all Go Minam fans!

Cr: sookyeong@kbites