[Pictures] Clothes and styles similar to 2NE1!

CL VS Lee Hyori
Firstly,we will start with CL's fashion against K Pop diva Lee Hyori!

Just look at the singlest in the photo above,they are similar in terms of design,you can see a tiger at the center of the photo,who wears in better??Both of them really look wild!

YG's Love?
Here is another example of YG's Love,as you can see,the leggings on the left has the sam design with GD's jacket that he used for his album's cover,Minzy really looks hot with that leggings on,but is she as hot as GD??

CL and Sun Mi of Wonder Girls are wearing the same skirt,but that's a totally different feel,CL looks a bit hip hop in that skirt while Sun Mi looks cute,so is it a draw??

Pictures Credits to: letsplay2ne1