[Pictures] Boyish style showdown? Who wears it better -‘Go MiNam’ or f(x) Amber?

Sharp-eyed netizens have spotted yet another one. Character ‘Go MiNam‘, played byPark ShinHye in drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, was spotted in the same leather rider jacket as f(x) Amber.

Who wears it better?
More photos for comparison:
Go MiNam


Netizens say:
  • “Go MiNam – a woman who looks like a pretty man. Amber – a woman who looks like a man”
  • “Amber is not a guy?”
    • “Yes, she is a girl”
  • “Now to think about it, Amber has a nice and feminine bodyline you know”
    • “Cos she is a girl -_-”
  • “Amber! I think she pulls off the boyish style well”

cr: kbites