[news]Yoon So-yi does KARA’s booty dance for Hero

I wonder if this is something new, because I can’t quite picture Kim Min-jung’s tough, bowl-cut-wearing female cop character in quite the same light as her replacement, Yoon So-yi. In these latest stills from Hero, Yoon shows off girl group KARA’s “Booty Dance” [엉덩이춤] as her cop character poses as a backup dancer.

Yoon So-yi said, “This is the first time I’m dancing in a role. The outfit and makeup is the most provocative I’ve worn so far, and I was very nervous so there are some parts that I’m disappointed with. It was a little embarrassing, but I worked hard at filming and I hope you will watch and enjoy it.”

With their one-week reprieve, the drama will now premiere the first episode next Wednesday, November 18. I can’t say the story has ever interested me; something about the “quirky reporters at a third-rate gossip rag run into hijinks” premise reminds me of Partner, with its bevy of comic background characters. But with all the troubles plaguing the production, I’m pulling for Hero to manage a respectable run.

>>Too add more sizzle for the booty dance, here are some more shots.

source: TV Report || cr: Javabeans || cr: dramabeans