[News/Video] Fans donate blood under Jaebum's name !

Fans donate blood under Jaebum's name

After finding out about Jaebum's departure, a community site collected over 1000 documents of blood donation proof, attracting the attention of many fans.

DC Inside '2PM' Gallery stated on the 30th on their homepage "On the 8th, we have collected 1365 documents of proof under Jaebum's name in recognition of the fact that it has been a month since his departure. Fans have donated to an organization and have collected the appropriate documents. We will be sending them to the JYP office with the intention of asking for Jaebum back."

The Korean Association of Childhood Leukemia has stated "We will be using it preciously towards children with cancer and leukemia."

The fans of this website met within various areas in order to donate blood. Kyungkido, Buchun, Kangwondo, and Daegu were the main locations. Junranamdo had 47 documents, with Asan holding 45, and Seoul holding 44. One location even sent as many as 40.

Starting after Jaebum left for Seattle, the project went on for over a month. Fans collected over 6 proof documents a day to as many as 276.

Netizens went on to say "You guys worked really hard," "This is the act of angels," "Please forgive Jaebum now," and "This is really refreshing to hear."

Credits to : CHOSUN NEWS(SOURCE); hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY (TRANS)

The galaxies which are visible from earth are over 100,000,000,000.
The stars within each galaxy are over 100,000,000,000.
Within that, the star we live in, Earth.
Within that, a small nation.

In that place, he was there.

"Park Jaebum"

What could we do for Park jaebum?

? !

The human body holds 4~6L of blood.

For Park Jaebum, we slid up our sleeves.

The third day after his departure, we began to receive letters.

. . .

From 9/14 to 9/30
We received blood donation documents.

Will he realize our feelings?

Credits to : hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY (translation) , dc2pm@Youtube