[news]Teachers join the Hottest crowd

A scan of a test paper has been heavily circulated on the internet!

The so called paper will never be everyone’s topic if there’s no such name as 2PM JaeBum on it! It is JaeBum’s name indeed, and as they say that once is never enough, JaeBum’s name is mentioned in several questions!

Go under the cut to find out what the teachers wrote of JaeBum in the test papers.

In the question, some of the sentences used are:

  • JaeBum ah, come back soon”
  • JaeBum ah, come back to Korea”
  • “If I was Park Jin Young, I would already have brought JaeBum back”
  • JaeBum is cool”
  • JaeBum is not in Korea now”
  • “This is the first time I’ve seen someone so cool like JaeBum
  • “Let’s go, JaeBum is going to leave soon”
  • “The airport is crowded with fans who are present to send him off”
  • “Will we be able to see JaeBum at the year-end award ceremonies?”
  • “It seems that there are more than a thousand fans gathered at the airport”