[News]SM boycotts MAMA / MNet responds to MAMA boycott

We bring you yet more unfortunate news: artistes of SM Entertainment will not be taking part in the 2009 MAMA.

SME announced on November 3rd that their artistes including Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee and f(x) will not be attending MAMA. The reason given was that MAMA will be using a process similar to how MNET's music program M! Countdown selects its winners, and SME does not trust the method nor believe that it is fair.

SME does not trust in Mcountdown because of what happened with SNSD's massive hit Gee. While the song topped charts of other television networks for 9 weeks in a row, it failed to reach number one in Mcountdown even once. It only made top 10 one whole month after the song's release date. SME thinks that because of this, Mnet's method of deciding on winners cannot be trusted.

Also, there is a MAMA-related popularity poll happening on Mnet's website at the moment. The catch is that you must be registered as a paid member of the website in order to cast a vote. SME believes that they do not want fans of SME's artists to be spending too much money just to cast votes for their favourite artists and hence asked Mnet to withdraw SME's artists from candidates.

We have previously reported that couple trot singers are boycotting MAMA. Will Mnet be able to pull this event off successfully without participation by some of the biggest names in the industry? Stay tuned to allkpop as MAMA draws near.


MNet responds to MAMA boycott

In a phone interview with Money Today, a representative of Mnet said the following:

Inwoo and SME mentioned that fairness in selection of candidates was questionable, but that is not true. All candidates were selected fairly through music chart and data collected on Mnet.com.

If we were to try and exclude artists of certain company, we wouldn't have put artists of those companies on our candidate list to begin with. Also, we would be risking our reputation and fairness if we were to change things just because major entertainment companies disagree with our system. If companies keep complaining about year end ceremonies, then such event cannot exist. The point of this ceremony is celebration by all artists who shined this year with their hard work, so I wish that artists would forget about receiving award or not and just put on an amazing show.

Regarding the fee to vote, the representative explained, "This was done to prevent fans from casting multiple votes on specific artists. It was not done for profit. We are planning on donating profit earned from the voting process back to the music industry."


Mnet is known to have a very unfair system of counting votes.Although i am not siding SM,anyway since when SM cares about fans spending too much $? Just cause it is not spend on SM products and they get jealous o.o?

Mnet doesnt want to break down their boycotts on SM artist too,they are the one who looses ratings not SM artist.