[news]Queen of Housewives gets a Season 2

It’s rare, but it happens: the drama Queen of Housewives is getting a second season.

According to an MBC representative, the drama will air its Season 2 next fall, and if it is successful, more seasons may follow. From MBC’s point of view, turning a drama into a multiple-season series (or “season drama”) would give the broadcast station a representative brand and be less expensive to produce, and therefore more profitable. (Launching a new show is always more work than continuing with a proven hit.)

However, they recognize that the most difficult aspect would be signing the actors on for continued seasons. The source said, “We would like for all of the actors from Queen of Housewives to return, but at this time it’s difficult to say which actors may come back.” The synopsis for Season 2 has not yet been revealed.

When Queen of Housewives aired earlier this year, it was a success for well-known names like Kim Nam-joo and Lee Hye-young, but perhaps even more valuable to the lesser-known actors it catapulted into the spotlight, like Yoon Sang-hyun, Sunwoo Sun, and Choi Chul-ho. The drama used a lively mix of comedy and melodrama as it focused on stories of marriage, fidelity, and the highly political, often comic networking intricacies of work and social life.

Dramas rarely get second seasons in the Korean drama system, and most of the instances of sequels aren’t true continuations. For example, General Hospital 2 and Hometown of Legends were both touted as sequels, but the original series had aired more than a decade prior and only the concepts remained the same. Swallow the Sun was called All In 2, but only because of the writer and concept; in a narrative sense, it was a completely different drama. Lovers in Paris, Lovers in Prague, and Lovers had the same writer-director team, but the stories were wholly different. Last Scandal was an exception where a true sequel was planned, but the untimely passing of Choi Jin-shil called a halt to preparations. On cable, the program Rude Miss Young-ae is the rare case of a drama going for six seasons.

Source: Star News || cr:javabeans