[News/Pictures] Go MiNam and Hwang TaeKyung wedding scene – will You’re Beautiful have a happy ending?

Go Minam in wedding dress together with Hwang TaeKyung – is it just imagination or reality?

SBS ongoing weekday drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ took its filming team to Japan Okinawa for 4 days 3 nights filming recently on 19th November. And photos of Park ShinHye and Jang GeunSeok in wedding outfits are revealed.

The filming took place near a small church and the team was filming a wedding scene between the 2. Park Shin Hye was seen in a lovely white wedding dress.

Much anticipation if the scene is a real scene in the drama or just an imagination of the characters in the show.

It is said that the team will be filming overnight for the last story of A.N.JELL.

The last episode of You’re Beautiful will air on 26th November.