After a successful airing of BOYS OVER FLOWERS, Kim Hyun Joong (Jihoo) has been casted on a renowned Japanese manhwa-turned-drama Kimi wa petto, or You’re My Pet, a j-dorama aired in 2003 upon TBS.

Like Boys Before Flowers, the Japanese strange starred the renowned idol-actor Matsumoto Jun (opposite Koyuki). The regretful play unfolds as the lady fashion-magazine editor who is undiluted in looks as well as talents comes to live with the attractive immature man. She as well as the man, who is initial taken in as well as affectionately called her “pet,” progressively tumble in love. The womanlike lead is still now casting.

The stipulate has nonetheless to be finalized, according to Kim’s management, though should be done central soon. The movie will proceed sharpened as shortly as the expel of characters is complete, as well as aims for the recover date subsequent year.

source: OSEN || cr:kpopfan || sukira@dkp