[news]Kim Ha-neul considering So Ji-sub drama


Actress Kim Ha-neul is considering taking on war drama "Road Number One" opposite top actor So Ji-sub who has been set to play the leading male role, according to Kim's agency on Wednesday.

An official at J.One+ Entertainment said Kim was asked to star as the main female character in "Road" and is looking into the script with a positive outlook.

The official also played down reports that Kim has decided to play the part, saying they are still in discussions with the producers of the drama which is set to go into shoot starting January next year.

"Road", co-produced by Lee Jang-soo of Logos Film and Kim Jin-min at major broadcaster MBC, will be an epic war drama about the Korean War and a sixty-year love and friendship.

The 16-part series, written by Hahn Ji-hoon who wrote the script for Korean box-office blockbuster film "Taegukki", is also set to be sold to 21 countries which participated in the war.

Kim, 31, has enjoyed steady popularity in Korea since her debut in 1996. She has starred in numerous hit TV movies and dramas, including hit film "My Tutor Friend" in 2003 with fellow Hallyu star Kwon Sang-woo and SBS TV series "On Air" last year.

She has recently been gaining popularity throughout Asia with film "My Girlfriend is an Agent", a comedy action film co-starring Kang Ji-hwan. She wrapped up promotion of the pic in October in several countries including Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong.