[news]First stills for Will It Snow On Christmas

First stills are out for the upcoming SBS series Will It Snow On Christmas, which feature star Han Ye-seul dressed up to attend her character’s engagement party.

In the drama, she is the first love to Go Soo’s character, but the two separate in their youths and she becomes engaged in this scene to Song Jong-ho. Go Soo attends the ceremony to take the place of a sick friend and sees her there, shocked to recognize his childhood friend. These scenes were filmed on October 26 at an outdoor cafe in Yangju, Kyeonggi-do.

Assistant director Shin Kyung-soo said, “Despite the fact that this was the drama’s first shoot, Han Ye-seul worked naturally with the team as though they’d been working together for a long time. She’s really approaching every scene of this drama passionately.”

Will It Snow on Christmas will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays following You’re Beautiful and premieres on December 2. The scene pictured in these stills will air the following day in Episode 2. Coming from the director and writer behind What Happened In Bali and I’m Sorry, I Love You (respectively, not together), Christmas looks like it’ll deliver intensity and melodrama — or at least, so we can hope.

cr:javabeans || Source: Star News