[news]Enlistment day for Lee Ki-woo

Add Lee Ki-woo to the list of 1981-ers who have until the end of this year to enlist in their mandatory military service. The Star’s Lover actor headed off for his initial five-week training at Nonsan on the afternoon of November 9, sent off by the press and a small gathering of fans. Following training, Lee will head to active duty for the duration of his two-year service.

On the previous day, Lee had written on his mini-homepage, “I’m sad enough to be an ajusshi, but now I’ve become an army ajusshi, haha.” (Most men — namely, non-celebrities — will fulfill their military service earlier, often after high school or during their college years. Entertainers tend to push off their service as long as possible to capitalize on their fame before going, although there are some who go earlier and get a late start on their careers, such as Kang Ji-hwan. So it’s less common to see an older man — i.e., an ajusshi — doing his army service .)

Lee added in his posting, “Yesterday I cut my hair short, and now I’m off to the army. The polite thing to do would have been to meet everyone individually to say my goodbyes, but I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to do that. I won’t forget those who have always cared for me, and I promise to come see you again in two years.”

Lee still has a few projects that have yet to be released: melodrama Wedding Dress with Song Yoon-ah and crime thriller Family Picture will both be released while he is in service.

source: Star News