[News]Daul Kim ask for help before Suicide


World's top model Daul Kim, 20, who has been formally announced to have committed suicide at her home in Paris, is reported to have reached out to a Korean friend for help with relationship problems a few hours before he was found dead.

The Times reported in its Sunday edition, the Sunday Times that Kim "confided
she had argued with her boyfriend but was afraid to leave him." In the Internet messages, the friend advised Kim to telephone her mother in Seoul, the news paper said.

Kim ended the exchange of messages abruptly, saying "she had to clean her flat," according to the British newspaper.

The Times quoted Joy Yoon, a friend of Kim and a fellow Korean, as saying, "Despite her success on the catwalk, the 5ft 10in model was prey to dark moods and bouts of melancholy. 'The loneliness she felt must have been suffocating,' she said. 'Did her agencies really have her best interests at heart? I know she wanted stability and a somewhat normal life and even complained about it. Isn't that a sign? A cry for help?'"

Last Wednesday, Kim's agency said it appeared she had killed herself because of the pressures of work. "She was not able to live the normal life other girls did at her age," said the agency in a statement. "We suspect that she felt confused and lost after reaching the top of her career."

French police declared it a probable suicide but is continuing to investigate after deciding to reinvestigate the case.

cr:Korea Times