[news]Boybands take over half of the Kpop Stage


The Kpop scene has taken a change, from the ‘war’ of the girlgroups which went on for the first half of the year, now is the time of the boy groups.

Just looking at the performance list for KBS Music Bank on 13th November, we have 2PM comeback stage, and also performances by FT Triple, BEAST, SHINee, UKiss, SHU-I etc. And there is also SS501 and MBLAQ who did not perform on the show that day.

And backstage, you can see the boy group members giving out their CDs and because they are all from the same age range, it was obvious that the members are close friends with one another.

Also, you can see the boys dancing and singing along when other boy bands are performing on stage.

We see a start of a change of scene on the Kpop stage with the boy groups coming back in action.

Remember how these folks were the talk of the Kpop town earlier this year?


cr:Kbites || source:newsen