[News] “You’re Beautiful”’s Lee Hongki’s “Very Good Words” Proposal, Really Made Park Shinhye Tear

As the drama “You’re Beautiful” comes to an end, it was said that the scene whereby FT Island’s Lee Hongki sang “Very Good Words” left the deepest impression in viewers.

Lee Hongki, who debuted as a child actor, returned to acting after his singing activities, for the SBS Wed-Thu drama “You’re Beautiful“. Being the vocal of FT Island, Lee Hongki plays the role of Jeremy, a drummer of the band A.N.JELL in the drama, who has a bright character, receiving lots of love from the viewers.

Viewers picked the scene whereby Lee Hongki proposed with the song ”Very Good Words“, as the most impressive scene in the drama.

This particular scene was shown in episode 14 which was aired earlier on 19th November. The part where Lee Hongki sang the MBC award winning nursery song “Very Good Words“, left viewers teary.

Lee Hongki recalled the episode, “Our director told me to act according to my feelings and emotion, so I immersed myself totally in that scene. Our lighting director, staff and Shinhye actually teared during the filming. ” He was also shocked by the response of viewers.

He also said that, “In ‘You’re Beautiful‘, I’m not a singer but an actor Lee Hongki. It was comfortable acting in a drama which talks about the story of an idol group.”

He expressed that he would like to participate in season 2 of “You’re Beautiful” if there is one. He would want to take part in it even if it’s just a cameo appearance and said that, “I also want to produce A.N.JELL as an idol group.”

Just like his character in the drama, he is also the atmosphere creator at the filming set. At the previous Chuseok festival, he also gave a treat to all the staff using his own expenses to express his thanks.

It is his dream to be an actor who can touch the hearts of his viewers. He also said that he wanted to try acting as a villain. He also mentioned how thankful he was to the fans who came all the way to the filming set. “Our drama as well as FT Island fans brought Samgyetang and Seolleongtang over to the filming set for us, and it really gave us lots of strength.”

“You’re Beautiful“, which had created hot topics during its airing, came to an end on 26th November with its 16th episode. The slot will be replaced by drama “Will It Snow At Christmas” on 2nd December.
Watch the performance of “Very Good Words” here:

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