[news] UKiss Alexander was down with swine flu during Thai promotions in October?

News have came late that 7-member UKiss member Alexander has contracted the swine flu back in October.

Before the group’s comeback this month, they went to Thailand for promotions in late-October. And back then, Alexander was down with high fever, and was worried to have contracted the flu.

And according to UKiss‘ company on 19th November, “Alexander has felt unwell in Korea and when we reached Thailand, he was having high fever and cough. We have him sent to the hospital and gave him Tamiflu, which we have prepared just in case it is needed.”

Alexander has taken Tamiflu and rested. And he recovered on the last day of their promotions and resumed schedule with the group.

UKiss’ company also said, “When we returned to Korea, we were still worried. So we sent him for examination at the hospital. Luckily there is nothing wrong with his health.”

Meanwhile, UKiss’ ’strong man dance’ in their comeback song ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ has been gaining popularity since their comeback.

cr: sookyeong