[news] SS501 top for 4th consecutive in mnet! 2PM hot on the trail,

Results of music website Mnet.com’s general chart for the 2nd week of November released on 18-Nov, SS501’s ‘Love Like This’ came in 1st.

SS501 ‘Love Like This’, which has been getting the top positions on charts weekly, clinched the 1st place for the 4th consecutive week recently. SS501 was the 1st in both the general chart and artiste chart last week, but was pushed down to 3rd position by 2PM this week.

The top artiste for this week is 2PM with their new songs ‘Tried of waiting’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘I was crazy about you’, etc, up on 5th ~ 6th positions on the general chart, especially in the download section, they swept away the top 3 positions with these songs. ‘Gimme The Light’, ‘Back 2U’, ‘All Night Long’ has also entered into the top 50, showing their popularity.

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U-Kiss ‘ManManHaNi’ showed a sharp improvement of 71 positions from last week to 17th position while ranked at 12th position in the download section.

Credits : lgoon@polinews.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com