[news] Soomi of SeeYa loves selca


After leader Nam GyuRi left the group, SeeYa recently had a new member SooMi to make the team 3 members again, they are also currently promoting their new song ‘His Voice’.

And selca photos of SooMi posted up on her minihompy have been the topic amongst netizens lately.

SooMi posted up tonnes of selca photos on her minihompy.

And of the photos posted up, she was seen doing selca with other singers like Lyn, Ivy and T-ara HyoMin.



Netizens say:

  • “This girl is pretty. But can’t do when compared to Nam GyuRi”
  • “Poor girl. Her parts in the song are all autotune”
  • “The new SeeYa member with over autotuned parts”
  • “She looks like a mix of Go EunAh and Bae SeulGi”
  • “I don’t really care about how she look. I just want to hear her sing for real”