[news] Shindong @ Gold Fishery Radio

- When talking about although “Sorry sorry” was very successful but recently Kangin has got in to the assault & drunk driving incident and the “slave contract” incident between DBSG & SM, Shindong said “I feel like once you get something, you will lose another thing”, “There are always gain & lost whatever the case is”

- When talking about the shows that he has attended, Shindong said “It’s weird that all the show I did will come to an end. Once all the cable show (that I did) ended, I joined MBC and then it has ended, then the corner of SBS show that I was the main MC has ended too after only 4 weeks”

- Shindong said “My goal is earning a lot of money” and “It’s my biggest goal” which Kim Gura said to him “He’s so my good friend”, KIm Gura even grabbed Shindong’s hand and said to him “Let’s do it (earn money) together” which Shindong responsed “But it’s my goal”

- Shindong said “I always feel sleepy because my radio show is at midnight time”, “Sometime I even dozed off in the middle of doing the radio show”, “There was a time I dozed off in 0.1 second because it’s was advertising time. Even in that short time, I had a dream of me playing an online game. In that dream, there was a bow flying toward me as my item. The moment I woke up, I said ” which made everybody laughing.

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