[news] SBS Producer denies YG bias

Netizens have been abuzz lately regarding special treatment the stars under YG Entertainment seem to be receiving from SBS. From the tremendous spotlight they received on Idol Big Show, as well as their special performances on Inkigayo, it's no surprise such controversy came up. Also, Inkigayo was the one that held almost all of YG artistes' comeback and debut stages. The accumulated time of their performances exceed the rest of the performing artists compared to MBC Show! Music Core and KBS Music Bank.

The producer, Park Sung Hoon, finally stood up to set the record straight on the first of November at Seoul SBS Public Hall. He stated, "We never offered YG to perform at our stage under the condition of appearing on no other music programs. I have started working with YG President, Yang Hyun Suk, only recently as I started working for Inkigayo. We have been cooperating together since 2NE1's debut stage and we seem to have a good chemistry."

Producer Park has been in charge of Inkigayo since January.

He also added, "We select the stars based strictly on their popularity, just like most of the other music programs do. We cannot deny the guarantee of appearances we give to the popular groups, such as Super Junior and SHINee."

In regards to criticisms on the Idol Big Show, aka the "YG Big Show," due to the majority of their show being centered around performances by Big Bang (G-Dragon) and 2NE1, he stated:

"We never favored YG artistes for the Idol Big Show. Because of their popularity, we asked them to sing two to three songs, just like the rest of the stars. I think people just think that they took the majority of the showtime because they all appeared consecutively toward the end of the show. Honestly, we offered other famous singers to sing more songs, but they rejected due to their busy schedules. The rumor about our favoritism toward YG is very unfair."

source: AllKPop