[News] Nicole talks about her ideal type

Kara's Nicole has revealed her ideal type while having dinner with her university sunbaes on her reality show, Nicole the Entertainer's Introduction to Veterinary Science.

Nicole failed her midterms and decided that she needed some tutoring from her sunbaes at school. After the tutoring, she received a 100, 67, and 50 for three different subjects which amounted to a 60 average. That's a pass for Nicole though she did came close to failing.

She was so thankful of her passing grade she invited her sunbaes to dinner. While at dinner they asked her what her ideal type was and she answered, "He should be taller than 178cm but shorter than 185cm. He should be manly and should care for the woman."

On this episode, Nicole danced in front of many students as an "audition" to join the hip hop club. 178cm - 185cm anyone? A bit specific don't you think?

Cr: Allkpop