[News] Netizens Got Teary After Seeing Lee Hongki’s Sad Confession

FT Island’s Lee Hongki plays a successful role in “You’re Beautiful“, making viewers’ eyes teary when he cried in the drama.
This was a scene in episode 14 of SBS “You’re Beautiful“, where Jeremy (played by Lee Hongki) revealed his hidden feelings to Go Minam (played by Park Shinhye).
Jeremy cried while singing the nursery song “Very Good Words” on a live radio programme for Go Minam.
Watching Jeremy sing “Very Good Words” on the bus, Minam teared when she saw his tears flowing.
After singing the song, Jeremy said to Go Minam, “It’s the words which you can’t accept. Isn’t It? Go Minam?” And Minam simply answered him, “Sorry, Jeremy,” making it an obvious rejection.
Watching this pitiful confession by Jeremy, drama viewers said that, “We cried throughout with him,” and also complimented him, saying, “Lee Hongki has done very well by playing the role of Jeremy.”
On the other hand, it was also revealed in this episode that the real Go Minam will return the day before their showcase, drawing the curiosity of the viewers.
Watch Jeremy’s “Very Good Words” cut here:
Or english sub here.
Video credits: jinnienomuyeppo02 and Pyrite5ive (with eng sub)
Credit: MaxMovie + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)