[news] Jang Dong Gun & Ko So Young’s assets

Once Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young’s love relationship has been revealed, fans have started talking about the assets that they own.

Ko So Young’s Building

Ko So Young owns a building Cheongdam-dong. The market value of this building is more than 100 billion Won. The building is located inside the luxury street of Cheongdam-dong which is known as ‘Ko So Young’s Building’, is a star synonymous with real estate money management.

The building covers an area of 445 square meters, with two levels of underground floors and five floors building. The building was well known as it has won the ‘Outstanding Award’ in the ‘2008 South Korea Architecture Culture Award’. It has become a landmark in the area because of its unique design.

Moreover, Ko So Young has always been ’sitting’ on the ‘Advertisement Queen’ throne for almost 10 years. Till today, she was still the apartment, cosmetics, clothing, underwear, computers, coffee, home appliances and beer spokesperson. She was one of the world’s top advertising spokesperson.

With the recent reduction in participating in entertainment works, the ads queen title has been passed down to the younger generation. But still she can be counted as the advertising industries trump card.

Due to his personal charm, Jang Dong Gun created over 100 billion Won worth of money. Therefore Jang Dong Gun does not lose out to his girlfriend, Ko So Young. Jang Dong Gun was the major shareholder of AM Entertainment. While involving in any performing activities, he also actively carried out the entertainment business.

Currently, Hyun Bin, Shin Mi Ah and other top stars are under AM Entertainment. In particular, these 3 Hallyu stars are very popular overseas. It is expected that this years AM Entertainment will achieve 100 billion Won in sales.

Plus Jang Dong Gun was well known as a very simple man with most of his income saved up. Last month, during the ‘Saving Day’ ceremony, he was awarded with the President’s Award of Merit in the recognition of savings.

Source From: Sports Chosun