[news] Ivy shuts down her Cyworld after harsh comments from Hottests

vy was getting attacked by 2PM fans, specifically Nichkhun's on her Cyworld minihompy. We thought it was just another minor fangirl rage moment, but the continued harassment has finally gotten to Ivy.

Ivy has now shut down her cyworld minihompy and on the main title it says, "Thank you Hottests! I will shut down my minihompy for a while." I have to hand it to Ivy for her sarcasm, it made me chuckle.

With that said, Ivy definitely had no intentions of angering Nichkhun's fans with the performance. Not only that, but it wasn't even her idea. It should be blatantly obvious that Mnet wanted to grab more viewers by putting an idol group and a sexy singer up on stage together - but as usual, fangirls are insane.

The comments she received were pretty harsh and she did not deserve most of them. What is there to be angry about? It's just a performance, get over it.