[news] FT.triple, “Don’t Underestimate Us When Hongki’s Not Around”

“Our abilities have always been overshadowed by vocal Lee Hongki but it’s time to show them now.”

We have received the interview replies from FT.triple members Lee Jaejin, Choi Minhwan and Choi Jonghoon, who are busy with their unit activities right now. In FT Island, vocal Lee Hongki catches one’s eye easily. In order to overcome the barrier of not having Lee Hongki with us on stage, the 3 “Bloodtype A Brothers” come together and said that, “In order to attain the synergy effect for FT Island, we want to do better activities.”

Firstly, they’ve got a change in their band positions. Lee Jaejin switched from bass to vocals, while Choi Jonghoon switched from guitar to piano. With an Indian teenager outfit and gorgeous appearance, Choi Jonghoon said that, “I have confidence of playing the piano as I’ve learned it since 6~7 years ago.”

▶ Heads for the game room when there is no schedule

Choi Jonghoon is chosen as the most straightforward member in the team. He himself agreed with the statement too. “I don’t like to pretend. It also seems like a problem because I don’t have much to show. I also make a lot of mistakes when talking.”

Lee Jaejin and Choi Minhwan agree with Choi Jonghoon. “We started our 2009 nationwide concert tour on 14th and 15th November at Seoul’s Jangchung Gymnasium. Because all of us have our own solo stage, we have to learn the choreography by heart. At some point in time, Jonghoonie-hyung started showing expression of dislike. A female dancer who’s a year younger than him caught his slackness. He’s in for it. Haha.” (Choi Minhwan)

The members have been staying together since such a young age, no wonder they look so comfortable with one another.

“When there is no schedule, all 5 of us will gather at the game room. All of us like playing games.” (Lee Jaejin)

They also continued to talk about Lee Hongki, who’s currently filming for SBS drama “You’re Beautiful“.

“Actually, when I saw Hongki for the first time in the drama, he gave me goosebumps. But now, I’m totally into his drama role. He studies the character well, that’s why he could portray it just like himself.” (Choi Jonghoon)

▶ Wants to have a rock band rival

Lee Jaejin stands in as the main vocal of FT.triple and they released an album “Two Date” together with FT Island’s 2nd repackage album. Their music has a different atmosphere from that of FT Island.

Using a letter to express the worries for an ex-lover, their title song “Love Letter” leaves a deep impression with its slow beat melody and realistic lyrics. Lee Jaejin’s vocal gives off a different feeling from Lee Hongki’s.

“Hongki-hyung’s voice is husky and sorrowful, that touches the heart of the listeners, while mine is sturdier. I feel embarrassed to say this myself. (laughs)” (Lee Jaejin)

Choi Jonghoon laughed even harder with a humorous expression. “To sum it up, Jaejin sounds just like his age, while Hongki sounds like a middle-age man. Haha.”

Being slightly different with other idol groups, the rock band said that, “We hope to have a rival.”

“If we are to choose someone to be our challenger, there’s none, in fact. If there’s a rival, we would want to win.” (Lee Jaejin)

FT.triple revealed that, “It’ll be good if we can hear people comment, ‘Ah, so they have this kind of image too!’ That’s our target.”

Credits: Joongang.co.kr + ying1005 @ primanoona.com (translation)