[news] Far*East Movement Releases 'Like a G6'

Earlier today, Far East Movement released their song "Like a G6." For those of you who don't know, G6 is a private jet. "Like a G6" is produced by The Cataracs and features The Cataracs and Dev.

Far East Movement has released a Party Animal Mix CD to accompany their Party Animal T-Shirt, and "Like a G6" is a track included in this Mix CD. Fans attending Party Rock City Tour will be able to purchase the T-Shirt and receive a free copy of their Mix CD. Party Animal Mix CD was mixed by Far East Movement's very own DJ Virman and has 48 tracks, twelve of those tracks feature Far East Movement.

If you are not attending the Party Rock City Tour, you can purchase Party Animal T-Shirt and receive a free Limited Edition of Party Animal Mix CD off their website.

For a full listing of all the tracks on the Mix CD, visit Far East Movement's Website.

credit: fareastmovement.com, FMonyourdial@yt; omgkpop