[News] DSP Entertainment Reveals New Girl Group Rainbow!

DSP Entertainment, the agency behind SS501, KARA and Fink.L, confirmed the suspicions and revealed the new girl group to the Korean public.

"After four long years of training, these girls have developed the best vocal and dance skills around," a DSP representative revealed. "They were affectionately called 'rainbow' in their training days, a nickname that has gained popularity. We chose this word as the group's name because each girl has a different charm. Furthermore, this name has more meaning because it was generated by fans."

As the teaser image suggests, the girls will already be coming out with an album upon their debut titled Gossip Girl.


Hmm,finally they will be debuting.We will see what they have ! Erm, but isnt it kinda funny, if they debut now dont tell me they wanna promote KARA at the same time?MAy be KARA will be promoting in Japan for their new album o.o?.....