[news] Clazziquai Project Is Back With "Mucho Beat" and MV Teaser for "Ping"

Ready for some new beats? How about more beats? Always known for their inimitable style and newfangled taste in melodies, Clazziquai Project makes their comeback with their new single, "Ping" and their new project album Mucho Beat.

Clazziquai Project takes another step into reinventing the kpop scene. Their comeback single, "Ping" has an 80's pop sound with a mix of trance and techno all rolled into one. As usual, the complimenting voices of Horan and Alex bring this sweet melodic song to a whole new level that very few artists can accomplish which makes the single quite addictive.

Although "Mucho Beat" is a remix album, I'm sure with the talented DJ Clazzi at the helm, each of the songs will sound new and fresh. The album is scheduled to be released on December 1st, 2009. Here is the complete song list:

01. 핑 (Ping)
02. lalala
03. 집착
04. Spinning the World / Voice remix
05. Tell Yourself / DAISHI DANCE Remix -ENGLISH Ver.
06. 초콜릿 트러플 / Unplugged ver.
07. Love Again / RAM RIDER REMIX
08. Kiss Kiss Kiss / Yasutaka Nakata (capsule) remix
09. 집착 / 4Step 4Ward mix - HAN (W)
10. Back in Time / Cloud Remix
11. Flea / Jojal Remix -Audition Grandprix-
12. The Road / sugiurumn remix

source: yesasia

Finally, to get you all excited, here is the music video teaser for "Ping":

credit: Fluxus Music

Here is the full song:

credit: XxtenerifexX

So do you guys think this song will be a hit or miss? What do you think of the song?

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