[news] Casting on new MBC drama 'Pasta'

Korea’s Cook Clazziquai Alex takes up another challenge on MBC “Pasta”

Yes, the news is official. Clazziquai’s lead vocal, Korea’s Cook top chef, has took up a notch and surprised tons of his fans with this one. He’ll be appeared on the upcoming MBC drama, 파스타 (hangul’s writing for the English word “pasta”)

With his reputation as a cook, it is only perfect that Alex got the casting for this drama – aimed to replace the popular historical drama “Queen Seonduk”. Directed by Kwon Seok Jang, Alex will play as Kim San, this food-savvy critic. Though it is a second lead for him, it’s a big step to try acting again after so long. His first dip on TV drama was also with MBC, a few years ago. It wasn’t that huge of a deal since it wasn’t aired on the regular primetime hours, but “Pasta” will be so different. Playing opposite of him, I’m guessing it’ll be Honey Lee, since Lee Seon Gyun will be the male lead, playing the opposite of Gong Hyo Jin.

Kim San will show pretty much Alex’s strong passion in cooking, as well as his gentle, soft image appearance. This has suddenly took up a lot of interest from netizens, especially (and mainly) Alex’s diehards.

MBC officials said that originally “Pasta” was organized to follow-up the almost-failed drama, due to its main actress dropped out (”Hero”), but then they arranged it so that it can replace “Queen Seonduk” instead.

Starting next week, “Pasta” production crew will have their first full script-reading with all the cast and actors. And according to Fluxus (Alex’s management), what Alex needs to do is to sign the contract. Then it’ll be all signed, sealed and delivered!! '

cr: jazzholic