[news] BEG JeAh reveals her little secrets to pretty fresh face

Brown Eyed Girls JeAh reveals the secret to pretty “fresh” face and managing one’s skin.

She posted up a photo on her minihompy on 12th November in a post titled ‘Beauty JeAh‘.
She wrote, “In winter, my skin gets mad dryㅜㅜ. First you have to wash it clean^^→ Cut collagen packs with a scissors and paste them on→ Apply some water to the areas where you have applied the packs→Wait for about 20 minutes, and you will get perfect moist skin~!!!!! Umhahahaha”

Fans’ responses to the photos, “JeAh is so kind to show us her secrets to her pretty fresh face”, “I should try that out” etc.
Meanwhile Brown Eyed Girls are currently promoting their 2nd hit from their 3rd album ‘Sign’.

She looks really cute in the selca set.
Actually I really love how the BEG girls are doing minimal makeup concept for ‘Sign’ performance. A concept which is so rare these days in Kpop.

cr: sookyeong