[news] Battle members are pissed with Lee Hyukjae

Ki Hyun and Taehwa

If you didn't know, comedian Lee Hyuk Jae had made some snide remarks recently about boy group, Battle, to rookie group BEAST on his radio show.

However, it's not only the fan girls that are pissed off this time. It seems like former member, Shin Ki Hyun and Zin Taehwa also had something to say about his remarks.


On November 16, Zin Taehwa posted a sarcastic remark towards the fat idiot who talks too much on the diary section of his Cyworld minihompy.

Zin Taehwa responds
"Sorry we couldn't be successful in our debut^^."

Former member Shin Ki Hyun also wrote on Zin Taehwa's diary, "Ha... How Awkward."

However, Shin Ki Hyun did not just stop there. Mm Mm OH NO YOU DI-DNT!

Shin Ki Hyun posted a long message on his own diary towards the comedian:

Ki Hyun message
"What's so wrong about our members?(Battle) The way I see it, I have never seen anyone as talented, hardworking, and nice as our members. I will forever remember what you said. Oh really? You said it just as a joke? Well, the joke you said just for fun, were words that were like daggers piercing our hearts.

Right now Tae Kwan and Ji Woon are both serving the country but after hearing your insult, I'm pretty sure that would really encourage them^^

There's also Zin Taehwa, who is working extremely hard as a solo artist, and would probably feel so much more stronger on stage after hearing your remark^^ and saying such things to rookie groups who just made their debut.......ha...I really have nothing to say. Thank you for inspiring us to want to be even more toxic and hardworking.

There were also messages from Battle fans which said, "I was listening to this broadcast and this is highly offending," and, "That was a insulting remark towards Battle."

Seems like Lee Hyuk Jae needs to hide out in a closet.
That is if. . . he can even fit in one.