[NEWS] The 3 f(x) members who has the H1N1 will be active again at the end of this week 'Condition getting better.'

Since the 3 members are sick, f(x) is on a resting period untill the end of this week.

On the 23, f(x) Amber (17), Krystal (15), and Sulli (15) were all diagnosed with H1N1. The other members, Luna and Victoria has both gotten a check up and showed no signs of the H1N1.

The 3 members are resting untill they're fully recovered. Their body condition is starting to recover so you don't have to worry anymore. On the 26th SM Entertainment has told us over the phone "They're getting better. They probably only need to rest until the end of this week. From now on if there is any signs of having the flu, we'll take them to the hosptial immediately!"

F(x) won't be able to perform at this week's Inkigayo. But at Shanghai, China on the 25th, they will be able to attend the K-Pop Night.

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