[news] 2PM’s Junsu and G-Dragon are good friends

2PM's Junsu and Big Bang's G-Dragon sat together during the MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards), and a few fancams have revealed the duo's close friendship.

On multiple occasions, Junsu has publicly spoken of his close friendships with G-Dragon and fellow Big Bang member Taeyang. I'm guessing it's because Junsu originally part of YG Entertainment before switching to JYP Entertainment. In fact, Junsu even mentioned G-Dragon in the acknowledgments section of 2PM's album back in May.

Although they are in separate companies now, it seems like the friendship hasn't ended. These two performers sure look like they enjoyed their time together at the awards.

It was a night to celebrate for both of them since they both won daesang awards.

It's always nice to see friends from different companies; yay for YGE-JYP love!

cr: allkpop