[news] UPDATED: 2PM Fans Attack Ivy’s Minihompy + more pics and netizens comments

Fangirls ATTACK! Target: Ivy

We all saw this coming. It was just the matter of time.

Singer Ivy's minihompy is under attack by 2PM fans after her sexy performance with Nichkhun on MAMA/Mnet Asian Music Awards.

She not only wore a low-cut outfit that revealed a lot of cleavage, but also had the guts to pull 2PM's cutie, Nichkhun, up to the stage to be on top of him seduce him in front of thousands of viewers.

After the performance, Ivy's minihompy was flooded with hate comments from 2PM's hardcore fans. The various comments said, "Why would you mess with Nichkhun?", "Where did you come from?" "Do you want your minihompy to be terrorized?", "You shouldn't have done that," and more.

Now, there are people simply criticizing Ivy's clothes, saying, 'You should have just taken it off," to "The performance was okay, but your outfit wasn't."

However, not all 2PM fans are attacking Ivy. There are few 2PM fans who commented, "Don't mind the hate comments," and "I apologize on their behalf."

Last year's epic MKMF kiss performance by Lee Hyori and Big Bang's TOP made many fangirls and boys cry out in jealously. After the news of 2PM and Ivy's joint performance, many fans were nervous that one of the members of 2PM would kiss Ivy. Thank God that didn't happen. If Nichkhun kissed Ivy, thousands of fangirls would have just dropped dead from heart attacks!



Singer Ivy has angered many netizens with her sexy joint performance with 2PM Nich Khun on 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) on 21st November.

The concept of her performance that day was ‘vampire concept’ and she was seen clad in a white dress, showing her a very sexy cleavage, and putting up a dance performance which was involved much skinship with Nich Khun.

And all these while many fans from different parts of Asia are watching closely to. After MAMA ended, many netizens have visited Ivy’s minihompy and left comments like “I was watching this with my family and I felt embarrassed”, “Even though it may be the concept, the outfit is too revealing” etc

Other netizens’ responses:

* “I was watching this alone and I thought ‘Oh no, poor Nich Khun’.”
* “Goodbye for Ivy”
* “Did she go under the knife for her boobs?”
* “So you guys want her to wear HanBok and dance to some fan dance instead?”
* “But the way I see it, the performance was really over the board. Even if it is some other male celebrity, she will just get bashed like that”
* “But how come Baek Ji Young did not get bashed for working with TaekYeon for their collaborate song?”
* “If there is too much hating, how can our country develop in terms of concert culture?”
* “You guys want another suicidal celebrity?”
* “Instead of blaming Ivy, I think Mnet has more problems’”
* “I know everyone is concerned with the performance but why can’t I take my eyes off her boobs”
* “This is like porn”

cr: sookyeong