[Interview] Rainbow "The Humanist Oriented 7 colored group''

They have waited a long time. When DSP Media, the company who created Sechskies, Finkl, and SS501, announced that they're creating a new girl group, many fans were very excited. At first, it seemed as if the group would debut right away, but later on, there was no signs of when they would debut.

Rainbow has finally debut 1 year later than they expected with their mini album 'Gossip Girl'. Leader Kim Jaekyung (21) and No Eul (20) had been training for 4 years.

"They kept on telling us that we would debut soon, but I started to get worried as the time went by." said Kim Jaekyung. "After our first performance it actually felt like as we debuted. I was very nervous the day before the debut. Thinking about what I had gone through over the years made me laugh and cry at the same time."

Getting 3 years of training, Jung Yoonhye (19) said, "I was very nervous when we were having our first recording. And my friends texted me asking 'Are you really debuting!?!', I couldn't believe it either! That I was finally going to debut!"

The name Rainbow was made by the fans who were waiting for them to debut ever since they were trainees. After hearing the rumor that it was going to be a girl group with 7 members, the fans started to call them Rainbow, and it led up to becoming their group name. This name was approved by SS501's Kim Gyujong.

"Gyujong sunbae said 'SS501' was a hard name and it gave some confusion. So he wanted us to have a simple name, so that's how we ended up with the group name Rainbow." explained the members.

Like the 7 colors of a rainbow, each member has a different personality.

The leader Kim Jaekyung, currently studying clothing design at Dongduk all girl college, dreamt of being a singer ever since middle school. Before, she couldn't dance very well so she signed up for a dance class which led up to her meeting Lee Hyori's dance team. Through them she has gotten a chance to talk to DSP Media. "When I first came to meet them I thought I was going to join Kara but they told me there was going to be a new girl group so I waited, and the wait eventually became 4 years." said Kim Jaekyung.

Go WooRi (21) has joined the group 7 months ago. She is currently studying about life dance at Korea CheoDae College. "I go to the same church as MBC's Infinity Challenge director, Kim Taehee. And through Kim Taehee unnie I was able to get into DSP Media" said Woori.

Maknae Jo Hyunyoung (19) is a senior at Shingyuang All girls highschool. She has gotten into the group with 1 year of training. "The night before our debut, I couldn't sleep at all! It still feels like a dream!" she said *showing the down to earth side of her. 

Studying to become a entertainer at the Dongduk All Girls College, Jung Yoonhye went on a diet because of the debut. She told us that we has lost 20kg (**44 pounds) because of the diet. "Later on, I might show a picture of me when I was young, that weighed 20kg more than I weight now. Although I'm nervous, my number one priorty is to make our group well known" she said.

"When I was young, my parents like classic music. When I told them that I wanted to become a singer, they were really against it. They said cruel things like I was too fat to be a singer so that's why I started on my diet." said Jung Yoonhye.

Kim JiSook (19), is the member who's most obsessed with music. When she was in high school she started a rock band and at Soowon's composite art competition they won 1st place. She still showed alot of obession with music even after changing school to Hanyang All Girls College. At the music class she attended to, when she was in high school, she met Kara's ex member Sunghee and that's how she became a part of Rainbow.

No Eul was a SS501 fan then she became a singer. After chasing after SS501, at 2005 she met a DSP Media manager and became their traniee. Being Kim Hyunjoong's fan, No Eul said "It was hard to believe that I was working for the same company as SS501. But after practicing for a while that feeling went away." Since she was busy working for them, it blocked her from switching schools.

Studying about movie making at SangMyung College, Oh SeungA (21) has been a trainee for 2 years. The dream of being a singer grew starting from elementry school after winning 1st place in a singing contest. During highschool, she was on stage for a play which made her want to have a job that draws people to herself. Finally she auditioned for DSP Media and came in. She auditioned at the same time as Kara's Gu Hara and Kang Jiyoung,

Rainbow is reciving whole hearted support from SS501. "Kim Hyunjoong bought us chicken and Park Jungmin created the song Kiss for us. Kim Hyung Joon, Kim Kyu Jong, and Heo Young Saeng helped us with our dance moves." the members said with a smile.

The anticipated group Rainbow has debuted. This is the first step of becoming the group that will still be well known after 10 years, showing 1 characteristic as a whole group instead of 7 different ones, being a bright and cheerful group, and a group showing alot of humanism.

Source:No Cut News