Judging from this chart , actually not only from this chart , I think SHINee is totally rocking the music industry with their very own Ring Ding Dong . You could see this song catching lots of attention , topping lots of charts ! Anyway , enjoy !

AJ KPOP 20 (Nov2-Nov8, 2009)

20. SeeYa- His Voice (new entry)
19. Super Junior- Carnival (down 18 spots; 1 week at no.1)
18. Park Bom (2NE1)- You And I (highest new entry)
17. Beast- Bad Girl (2 weeks still… at no.17)
16. MBLAQ- Oh Yeah (2 weeks still… at no.16)
15.Super Junior M- Super Girl (2 weeks still… at no.15; 2 non-consecutive weeks at no.1)
14. HwanHee- Because I Missed Your Heart (up 5 spots)
13. Super Junior M- You And Me (CPop) (up 1 spot)
12. Secret- I Want You Back (up 1 spot)
11. T-Ara and Supernova- TTL Listen2 (down 2 spots)
10. SNSD and f(x)- Chocolate Love (up 1 spot)
9. 4Minute- What A girl Wants (down 1 spot; 1 week at no.1)
8. DBSK- Picture Of You (down 3 spots; 1 week at no.1)
7. Super Junior M- Blue Tomorrow (2 weeks still… at no.7)
6. LeeSsang- A Girl Who Cant Break Up (up 6 spots)
5. Lee Seung Gi- Let’s Break Up (up 1 spot)
4. SNSD TaeYeon and Sunny- It Must Be Love (Heading To The Ground OST) (2 weeks still… at no.4)
3. SS501- Love Like This (up 7 spots)
2. DBSK JaeJoong and Yoochun- Melody and Harmony (JPop) (2 weeks still… at no.2)
1. SHINee- Ring Ding Dong (up 2 spots)

Super Junior M- Confessions
Bada ft. TaeCyeon (2PM)- Yes, Im In Love

Credits to : ace byron johnferd@multiply , shiningblue