[info]091119 Korea Pretty Boygroups – DBSK Kim JaeJoong vs. SuJu Kim HeeChul

The most important factor for Korean boy bands to increase their popularity rapidly in China is that every single member of the group is handsome and charming. We can tell by all the popular Korean boy groups in China that every one of them are pretty boys, not losing to any of the pretty girls on the street. Of course before a group’s debut, the agency company would normally arrange the most charming member within the group to attract the public’s attention. The beauty of Kim JaeJoong from Dong Bang Shin Ki is unquestionable and the beauty of Kim HeeChul who is from the same agency company group Super Junior is also well-known for his pretty face.


Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Kim JaeJoong

Nickname: Flower Flower (花花 = Hua Hua)

The first time you see him you’ll be visually shocked, and the effect stays the same for the second and forth. This is Kim JaeJoong, his beauty if cold yet irresistible and his coldness normally makes one feel unreachable; but once you get to know him you will get to see his warm hearted personality. He reached the height for his popularity based on his talent with his heavenly vocals and charming looks. Maybe JaeJoong was born as a beauty for the sake of the performing stage.

“Everyone might think I’m very confident with my own look because I had won the best-faced award, but that’s not true. If I’m asked to choose the past of me that I’m most confident of then it’ll have to be my eyebrows, and I have no confidence for the others. Talking about my road as a single, I was tone deaf way back during my high school time, and at that point of time I was really upset because I was said that I’m bad at singing, but this is the start of my success and as time goes by I started to enjoy singing and found the beauty of it!”

JaeJoong who was still tone deaf till ages 14 had worked hard for his dream with determination, and from a tone deaf to an angel who sings heavenly, together with Cassiopeia he had grown up realizing his dream.


Super Junior’s Kim HeeChul

Nickname: Cinderella, Princess of Mars

The beauty of Kim HeeChul is coquettish, he’s gentle like women and yet has the determination of a man, and therefore he has the ablity to attract both men and women. The first time seeing him is in the music video of ‘Twins’, a red headed person with big round eyes is enough to make one dumbstruck. “This kid is really pretty!” many people had said, but as time goes by it’s his personality, smart and his ability to eloquent well that attracts others attention.

From a certain point of view it can be said that the success of Super Junior is mainly because of Kim HeeChul and this is because he uses his ability to attract attention by his charming characteristic and soon put the focus onto the huge group of 13 members.

The beauty of Kim HeeChul had caused him to be a little obsessed with himself, but those people who are obsessed with themselves are usually adorable. On the popular Korean variety show ‘Star Golden Bell’, when ‘Princess’ was asking what the secret of his popularity was he said, “One’s look plays a big part to it, but there are many other points to it too, therefore don’t judge just on my looks only.”

Kim HeeChul is one of the precious few in Korea who are excelled in all areas, he can sing, dance, host, act and compose too. Especially the SBS drama ‘Golden Bride’ which he acted in had achieved an excellent rating of 32.2%. That drama had also received an award in China after it’s DVD release in China this year.

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