[DKP Special] T-ara made good use of their butts,will they be the next KARA?

T-ara's teaser video for one of their new hit songs "Bo Peep Bo Peep" has been released a while ago,to be honest,the song really attracts my attention for the very first time i watched it!

In this video,you can see a totally different T-ara,the have become matured as well as sexy,you can see a lot of seductive scenes in the teaser.What makes their new song more interesting is the cheorography of the song,there is a part on the teaser video where the girls shake their butts,this of course reminds me of KARA's Mister!!

What makes them special is they have a bunny like tail on their butts!

Will they be as successful as KARA with their butt dance??

Pause at 0.29 to see T-ara shaking butt!!

Hyo Min's sexy butt!