[Cyworld] SungMin 5 photo entries

2009.11.13 01:45

Killakilla Akilla~!!

In the folder ” ひゃくちゃん” (Hyaku-chan)

2009.11.13 01:42
Good night~

Let’s call it a night sleep well~^ㅡ^

2009.11.13 01:38
Hehe…look at this rascal…

That rascal has become a celebrity already..
He has begun to sense the camera..
You can know just by seeing his dazzling killing smile…kekekeke

2009.11.13 01:32
A kid is eating…

The first thing all the boys do after getting home is eating..^^
I has worried whether he would eat well or not…
But he’s very pretty….also eat well…

Do you like me~*^^* (I think he asked the kitty whether he likes him or not)

2009.11.13 01:29
Tired Hyaku

That is Hyaku when first coming to the house..^^
He was tired as soon as he came….and had fallen asleep slightly..
Of course right now he doesnt sleep like that


Source : Sungmin’s cyworld
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