[Cyworld] Clarification regarding Ivy's Cyworld

Thank you Hottests! Homepage will be temporarily discontinued

아이비가 홈피 문구에 고마워요 핫티스트 한 건 비꼬는 게 아니라
핫티스트들이 댓글로 응원 많이 해줘서 정말 고마움의 표시로 한 거예여ㅎ
그리고 홈피 폐쇄한 게 아니라 사진첩에 악플이 너무 많아서
사진첩만 잠시 닫은 거거든여?

In English:
Ivy was not being sarcastic to Hottests on her homepage header.
She was showing her gratitude by thanking Hottests for leaving so many comments of support.
Also, she is not closing her homepage, but just the photo album because there were too many comments on it.