[video] Eunhyuk and Hyuna performed My ear's candy

Eunhyuk from Super Junior and Hyunah from 4minute danced their version of Baek Ji Young's hit "My ear's Candy" know for its entertaining live performances featuring Taekyeon of 2pm. Super Junior Miracle is a NDrama from KBS showing and giving a mentor to strayed students. In this episode, 4minute appeared as Hope Messengers and was warmly welcomed by Super Junior.

And of course, 4minute members showed off their charms and charisma and suggested a happy virus dance party in which hyunah and eunhyuk got to dance together. The cut is entertaining itself and sure to please your interests. This episode was aired last 24th of October.

cr: Minniemink @ youtube; Blueprincess824 @ DKP