[News/Video] Guess Who Has a Crush on Taeyang?

Two female singers are totally crushing on Big Bang’s Taeyang! One of them even went out of their way to include him in their song!

Big Bang’s Taeyang is quite the charm when he smiles revealing his crescent moon shape eyes of his and always tries his best to put on great performances. Lately, he has been stealing the limelight from his best friend, G-Dragon, when Taeyang came out with his popular hit, ‘Where U At’ and gained a lot of interests from female fans.

The young artist, IU (Lee Ji Eun) from Loen Entertainment has recently revealed that she like Taeyang. Listen to IU’s message for Taeyang and her conversations with radio host about him.

Sexy diva Lyn, also has the hots for Taeyang too. She just released her new album, “6½ New Celebration” which include a song called, “Noona’s Song” where she mentioned her favorite singers, Taeyang and Junsu(DBSK) in.

Listen below to her song where she mentions Taeyang which is around 1:35.

The lyrics -

어디서 무얼 하다 이제 내게 왔니 준수야
why did you come to me at this time, Junsu
이미 수식어 Red Ocean
alrealy it’s the modifier red ocean
조금 다쳐도 난 괜찮아
even if I hurt I don’t care
가끔 니가 연락 없이 술을 마셔도 난 너만 봐
sometimes even if you don’t call and drink I look only at you
영배야 넌 어떠니
Youngbae-ya how do you feel?
소원을 말해봐
tell me your wish
사실 누난 너희들을 좋아해 멋있잖아
actually I like you all because nice
나이가 뭐 중요한 건 아니야
the age is not a important thing
내게로 와줄래
can you come to me

Lyn has also talked about Taeyang before.

“I saw Youngbae-ssi since he was young.
He has been singing very well from childhood and he was so cute.
He is polite very much and… that attraction! naive and pure attraction.
But when he sings or dances. Oh my god! Such abdominal muscles!
The shape of the head is so pretty!
Really I will look only at you.”

c: alwaystaeyang

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