[NEWS]So Nyuh Shi Dae f(x) start a Charity Auction for their Outfits!

LG Electronics together with the ‘New Chocolate Phone’ models, So Nyuh Shi Dae and f(x), held a charity auction event that started on October 23rd and will end at 5pm on November 2nd.

For this event, LG Electronics prepared the outfits and props worn by SNSD and f(x) for their ‘New Chocolate Phone’ CF ‘Chocolate Love’, as the auction items.

For this auction event, So Nyuh Shi Dae wore a romantic and simple design of a swan white costume, including feather fans, which was a total of 18 items along with f(x)’s electronic black and vivid black costumes which was a total of 10 items, which was a combined total of 28 costumes and props for the auction.

Minimum bids start at 1,000 KRW, and units of 1,000 KRW can be bid, and the item is sold to the highest bidder.

All proceeds raised through this auction will be donated to an international child care organization ‘Korea Compassion’ (http://www.compassion.or.kr) which helps out the neglected children of the world.

On the 23rd, LG Electronics Korea Division Vice President Jo Seong Ha said, “The ‘New Chocolate Phone’ that became a new fashion item for this fall, has offered an opportunity for us to arrange this event” Also “I anticipate that the auction proceeds will be useful to help out the neglected children”

On the other hand, SNSD and f(x) presented their different charms through 2 versions of the ‘New Chocolate Phone’ Music Video CF ‘Chocolate Love’. With pure and cute SNSD along with glamorous f(x), the music video is gaining a lot of popularity on various online sites and music charts.

*1000 KRW (Won) Approximately Equals $1 USD

Source: Newsen
Translation: kellykim10 @ affxtion.com