[News] Tablo and Kang HyeJung are happily married

“Thank you. We will live well.”

Fans were given a little snippet to the newly wedded Epik High Tablo (Lee SeonWoong, 29) and actress Kang HyeJung (27). The 2 held their wedding ceremony in Seoul SamSungDong The Bailey House on 26th October at 1pm. The wedding was held private on the day.

But a photo of them getting to their wedding car after their pyebaek ceremony (silks offered to the bride by the bridegroom) was revealed.

The 2 smiled and said to the cameras around, “Thank you. We will live well” before boarding the car.

After their wedding, the 2 will head for Europe for their honeymoon, and return to start their newly wed life in an apartment in Seoul.