[news] Onew performed Clockwork


Remember that beautiful song f(x)’s Luna covered on a radio program not too long ago? It’s been done again by Onew on Taeyeon’s Chin Chin radio today.

Originally, Clockwork is a very powerful ballad but Onew sang the song with his signature velvet soft vocal and made it his own. This boy isn’t called On-Yu (soft/gentle) for no reason. He was always on the pitch and did a good job improvising.

Because both of them did the cover so close, I can’t help comparing Luna and Onew on this. I tried, I really did. But I just can’t help it. I’m not going to say which version I like better because I think they did equally good in their own quality. While Onew is better at controlling his pitch, Luna sang this song with more power.

Do I wish Onew would force more power in his singing? No, because I like his soft vocal. You don’t always have to sound like the original to make it sound beautiful. Plus, everybody sounds better in their own comfort zone. As for Luna’s control, I think it’ll come with time and I’m not rushing. She’s still very young and is only a rookie. It’ll be interesting to see her in a few years from now.

onew's clockwork

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