[news] Kimbum, Kara, Epik High, Lee Min Woo, Bada, Jewelry to be guests on Infinite Challenge!

The episode that was released on the 31st of October was a feast of celebrities.

To celebrate their rice harvest they did themselves, the celebrities gathered to party with the Infinite Challenge crew.

Jung Joon Ha called Kimbum at 9AM and was able to get him to come. When he arrived, he said he came because "Jung Joon Ha promised to buy me food." He changed into work boots and helped out.

An hour later, Kara appeared and performed "Mister" (booty shaking dance) for the Infinite Challenge crew. Lee Min Woo received a call from fellow Shinhwa member Jun Jin and came to help out. However, due to Kara's presence, he didn't even get a formal introduction and was sent in the field to work.

At noon, Epik High showed up as if they have just woke up from sleep and performed as well.

Bada came after and sang live without any instrumentals and showcased what a wonderful talent she is.

Yoo Jae Suk than called up Jewerly and asked them to come. When they did come, Gil was shocked after seeing his girlfriend. He got mad at MC Yoo for "telling them to come when he is working."

This episode is definitely not to be missed!

cr: omgkpop