[news] BEAST's Doojoon and Yo Seob's Bromance

With BEAST currently gaining a lot of popularity, it's hard NOT to notice a bromance forming between members Doojoon and Yo Seob.

I'm sure fangirls (and perhaps some fanboys) have been pretty sad lately that their hasn't been many bromances forming or just not getting to see bromances in general. However, newcomers BEAST will give those fans what they want.

BEAST's leader Doojoon and main vocalist Yo Seob have been seen getting rather...close with the past few performances of "Bad Girl" as well as off camera with behind the scene footage from the "Bad Girl" MV shoot. I think it's rather cute that Fake T.O.P. Doojoon and the little blonde boy Yo Seob have a bromance going on. They look like opposites, one with the sexy eyes, the other with a cute little boy look. However, you know there is love going on between them the moment you watch them together.

Check out clips of their bromance!!

Behind the Scenes of the BEAST MV (first 5 seconds):

October 25th Performance of "Bad Girl" (at 2:14, Yo Seob kneels down in front of Doojoon) :

October 25th Digital Music Rankings (entire video shows their bromance):

October 31st Performance of "Bad Girl" (at 2:06, Doojoon slaps Yo Seob's butt):

Credits: mangomonster @ OMGKPOP, CodeMonmonSeason3 and 4, Kidminaa and SRADIOCLUB for the videos